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summarizing 2011 AAUP meeting sessions & plenaries: paying the grants forward

Never blogged before. A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s meeting, however; I got to go. Recipient of an AAUP/WiSP-funded travel grant, I am excited for the trip to Baltimore and am grateful for the opportunities the grant provides.

Part of the grant application asks you to reflect/comment on what you will do to share what you learn at the conference with your colleagues and press. I’d like to say I was thoughtful enough at the time to say that I’d commit to blogging on sessions I attend, new tech and new business developments I see in the exhibit hall, and on the meeting as a whole. That would have been strong—and certainly would have made this post easier: “As stated in my application, I've set up this blog to share what I learn at the meeting.” But to be honest, such was not the case.

As part of my meeting prep, I read Grant McCraken’s new book Chief Culture Officer. McCracken is author of Transformations (Indiana, 2008), and Flock and Flow (Indiana, 2006) He will be our speaker for Plenary 1: Innovation and Organizational Change. Whenever you read McCracken, you are reminded of the diversity of communication tools at our disposal these days; shamed me into realizing that I might do more than just hold a few brown-bag talks back at the ranch with co-workers.

So here goes. I’ve started the blog at scrutanda.blogspot.com. My talks with my IUP colleagues may be more directed and trenchant; but I will do my best to share what I see and hear in this forum as well, and be responsive if anyone has questions. I’ll also be posting to the IU Press blog: iupress.typepad.com
A list of sessions I plan to attend appears on the blog.