plenary 2—collaborating with users...building community

Res ipsa loquitur, modo possunt convenire in quinque minuta. Or, as Shakespeare said, “The gestalt is the thing.” You really had to be there—though luckily this session was videotaped, available here, if you weren’t.

Brilliant session! Each speaker abided the Ignite format of using 20 slides on automatic rotation, 15 seconds per slide, to share stories of successfully collaborating with users, curating content and building community via succinct, targeted messaging, across a WIDE variety of platforms, circumstances, and industries—I’ve already gone over.

Wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking. Check out the video and each of the speakers’ sites via the Wiki, especially: Daniel Kibblesmith, Groupon = hilarious; Christina Kahrl, Baseball Prospectus = impressive; and Tony Sanfilippo, Book Places in the Digital Age = evil genius.

Sanfilippo gets earns evil genius stripes twice over; first, for fitting his May 9 piece in The Digital Digest, here into quinque minuta, and second, for crafting a viable narrative for metadatarium-styled print b-stores in the digital age. It would be good to see such narratives built into a detailed and scalable b-plan/s.

Every one of us who grew up working in bookstores should read both versions—and check out Tony’s blog, here. Don’t miss/revisit his repost of The Old Man and The Sea, here.